Innovation and technology are among the fundamental pillars on which we have founded our company and they guide our every strategic choice.

The perfect integration of efficient management platforms guarantees us to govern all operational processes with the highest quality and security and it guarantees complete interaction between internal structure, professionals and external collaborators, providers, customers and partners.


The pluses of our “LegalTech” technological structure:

  • A2A “application to application” allows the automation of data/information enrichment in real time. In fact, the system interfaces with external, public and private, databases and it collects data and information on each individual counterparty. It also provides exchanges and data streams with the client.
  • Work Flow Creator provides to profile specific processes and operational procedure
  • IUS Rating is the proprietary system elaborated on an algorithm. It was developed by IUS Civile. It identify and assign a rating of quality and debt-recoverability for each case assigned.
  • The platform is web-based and therefore fully operational “in” an “out office” mode, thus it supports Smart Working and it provide 24/7 monitoring by the customers about theis cases.
  • A versatile and flexible Reporting System monitors and oversees all processes, performances, trends and KPIs. The management Platform provides flexible reporting able to meet each compnay and clients needs