Services & expertise

We assist companies from all industries, banks, finance and leasing companies in all areas regarding credit management processes with a tailor-made approach.

Thanks to a proven and effective integration of skills, technology and organisation, we are able to combine ethics and quality with a strong focus on results and performance.

Through the engineering of processes and dedicated structures we are able to manage diversified credit portfolios in terms of size, origination and asset class.

International Debt Collection

More than ten years of experience in international debt collection allow us to be the reference point for companies in any industry, debt collection agencies, law firms from all over the world that have to manage and recover debts in Italy. We operate both in the extrajudicial and legal phases, supported by skytracing and investigative activities.

We manage all types of credit, even with high seniority.

Banking & Finance

Managing NPE (Non-Performing Exposure)
We support Banks, Financial Institutions, Leasing Companies, Investors, Debt Buyers and Servicers in the different NPL (Non-Performing Loans) and UTP (Unlikely to Pay) portfolios’ proactive management phases.
We operate on single name positions or complex, Unsecured and Secured portfolios, intervening in the management and recovery processes for both Retail and SME’s and Corporate clients, applying dedicated teams and workflows to the different categories.

Due Diligence
We work primarily with investors, advisors and servicers across the various stages of portfolio due diligence, both pre- and post-acquisition.
Our advisory activities focus primarily on the legal assessment of receivables and procedures. We carry out a careful and specific analysis of contracts and related guarantees, we define the business plan for the judicial recovery of debts with forecasts of performance, costs and time.

B2B e B2C

In- and Out-of-Court debt recovery in Italy
Services dedicated to commercial, industrial and service companies with both business and consumer clients. By operating both ‘in and out of Court’ , we adapt processes to the different situations and characteristics of debt and counterparties.

Bankruptcy procedures
We also assist clients in the admission of liabilities and in opposition cases to the state of liabilities, as well as in litigations against declaratory bankruptcy judgments and bankruptcy avoidance proceedings.

Energy, Utility& Telco

Energy Utility & Telco credits
We share our expertise with telephone service operators and utility providers, such as electricity and gas, offering debt collection services for small or large ticket portfolios.